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Heads up Carlsbad Ebikers

Ebike regulations Long overdue and Good for Carlsbad


A good part of the reason why we got into the electric bike space was the freedom, empowerment and enjoy that they provide. They also very clearly blurr the lines as a new vehicle category bike or moped?

Then there is of course the classic equation of power + adrenaline = stupidity


It's why we focus primarily on class two electric bikes, they have plenty of power they are legal on state and national parks and the industry has clear expectations and definitions of what they can and cannot do. 


With that in mind keep in mind what local regulations expect of you as an E-biker
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E-Bikin Carlsbad

Carlsbad is a beautiful place to live. But it's also getting to be really busy. If you're trying to get around, you'll find yourself stuck in traffic and stuck paying for gas (and even more stuck when the price of gas keeps going up).

That's where ebikes come in. They let you move around faster and cheaper than other modes of transportation. Ebikes are also a great way to discover new parts of Carlsbad that locals love, but aren't always easy to access by car or bus.

With an ebike, you can easily skip the line at the beach or head down to Encinitas or Carlsbad City Beach for a day trip without worrying about parking. You can explore further out into San Diego County without worrying about what time it gets dark and whether or not your car will be stolen or ticketed if it sits on the street overnight.

And don't forget: with an ebike, you'll never miss out on those secret spots that only locals know about!